Holiday Package

We have to offer a large 3 bedroomed bungalow which is situated in a quiet area to the north of the city center of Hua Hin. The bungalow is furnished and two of the bedrooms have air conditioning. The lounge area has a ceiling fan and cable tv is included. There are two bathrooms, one is en suite, with hot water showers fitted.

The area is semi rural with a banana plantation to the rear of the property.

There are many beautiful places to visit around this part of Thailand and so that you can please yourself where and when you go we include in the rental price of the bungalow a motor vehicle for you to use. This will not be new but it will seat 4 persons and get you about. An ordinary European drivers licence is ok, but an International licence is better. The vehicle will be insured to meet Thai law requirements.

Please note that Thai vehicles are Right Hand Drive, and we drive on the Left, the same as the U.K.

The price for this package is 275 pounds per week, Excluding your flights and transfers.

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