Hua Hin where we are situated lies 12degree 35' north of the equator.

March, April, May, and June are the warmest month. July, August, September and October is when the rain falls. This usually occurs at night or in the afternoon.

The rain is usually heavy for a short period of time. This is really refreshing in the afternoon as it cools down the atmosphere. Yearly rainfall is 1000 mm of which 700 mm fall in the rainy season. The rain is warm unlike Europe, but just as wet as anywhere else.

Yearly mean is 27.5 degree C.
yearly mean max is 31.5 degree C.
Yearly mean min. Is 23.7 degree C.

Hua Hin has average of 2,550 hours of sunshine per year. That means 7 hours of sun per day. That’s one of the reasons Thailand has over 10,000,000 visitors per year.

The mean humidity is around 75% which is very comfortable.

No hurricanes, Typhoons or strong winds unlike Vietnam and the Philippines.

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